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About Us

Q: What’s the purpose of the OIC?

A: To foster a welcoming community through educational programs, projects, and communications. Its mission is to study, promote, and celebrate inclusiveness.


Q: Is the OIC a political organization?

A: The OIC does not support any political campaign on behalf of any candidate or issue put to a public vote nor does it seek to influence, modify, or suspend any city, school, or library legislation or policies. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering a community that is informed and welcoming.


Q: Does participating in OIC events require that I hold particular political and social views?

A: No, that wouldn’t be inclusive! The OIC leadership seeks to involve residents who hold views from across the political spectrum. Our aim is to discover and understand social issues together rather than to persuade. 


Q: Who started the OIC?

A: Oakwood residents; city, school, and library officials; and local faith leaders and business owners who recognize every person’s human dignity and seek to promote civility in all human interactions.


Q: How is the OIC supported?

A: The volunteer officers who manage the organization receive no compensation. Private donations and public grants in support of OIC projects are welcome. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Q: Why should I take an interest in what the OIC is doing?

A: Oakwood residents have a long tradition of coming together to better our community. Working together to ensure that our town is welcoming to all and informing ourselves about diversity, inclusion, and equity equips each of us to contribute to a healthy society at the local and national levels.

Q: How can I stay informed of upcoming events?

A: Go to our signup page and enter your contact information to become a member or just to receive notice of OIC events and programming!

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