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Oakwood Inclusion Coalition (OIC)

Code of Conduct

Guiding Oakwood Inclusion Coalition Participation

All Oakwood Inclusion Coalition (OIC) participants agree to treat one another respectfully. With a spirit of humility, we agree to exercise the following principles and attitudes in order to facilitate OIC’s mission to study, promote, and celebrate an inclusive and welcoming environment.

  • Open‐mindedness: Be curious and listen to understand. Explore how others’ experiences have shaped their values and perspectives.

  • Acceptance: Listen without interruption or crosstalk. Suspend judgment so you can be open to learning from others.

  • Curiosity: Seek to discover and understand rather than persuade. Look for areas of agreement and shared values and take an interest in others’ differing beliefs and opinions.

  • Sincerity: Speak authentically from your heart and personal experience. Welcome that from others.

  • Brevity: Keep your comments concise and relevant. Strive for honesty and depth while being conscious of sharing airtime.

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