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OIC Press Release From The City of Oakwood

A new citizen-driven coalition dedicated to inclusivity and diversity is being established in the city of Oakwood.

Oakwood Inclusion Coalition (OIC) is an organization of government, school, and library officials, private citizens, faith, ethnic and cultural leaders, and representatives from the business and media communities in the Oakwood area and beyond. Its mission is “to study, promote, and celebrate an inclusive, equitable, diverse and welcoming environment and community for everyone who lives, works, visits, or passes through Oakwood.”

Oakwood City Council adopted the attached resolution at its Oct. 5 public meeting to recognize and endorse the creation of the coalition. Similar resolutions will be presented to the Oakwood Schools Board of Education at its Oct. 12 meeting and to the Wright Memorial Public Library Board at its Oct. 19 meeting.

The resolution notes the city of Oakwood, Wright Library and Oakwood Schools are “concerned about the current climate in Oakwood and throughout America with regard to matters of diversity, and various forces in place that cause widespread tension and conflict throughout our cities, states and country.”

“The city of Oakwood treasures diversity in every form and fashion, and fully supports the mission of the OIC,” City Manager Norbert Klopsch said. “We are eager to join in the work of this new citizen-driven organization and to participate with our citizens and other community leaders in the development of educational programs and projects, communication initiatives, and events that align with the mission and purpose of the OIC.”

The OIC will spend the remainder of this year developing the organization and leadership team and building the membership.

The Coalition is seeking a volunteer to obtain the 501(c)(3) status for the organization and a volunteer to build and maintain the OIC website.

Citizens interested in these volunteer positions should contact Wright Library Director Kristi Hale at (937) 250-6824 or More information about the Oakwood Inclusion Coalition will be announced later this year.


Norbert S. Klopsch, City Manager

(937) 298-0600

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