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Minutes: OIC Program & Events Committee Meeting (July 22, 2021)

Present: Lucy Baker, Judy Cook, Leigh Ann Fulford, Jacquie Housel, Lauren Kawai, Michelle Schoen, and Jamie Talicska

Absent: None


New logo/branding for the OIC has been created. The OIC Board is in the process of finding someone to take the lead on communications and social media, and we hope to have our new lookout soon. (I found out from Kristi this morning that Josh Green is stepping down as leader of the Communications Committee and will stay on in a technical capacity.

Kate Furmanski and Healy Jackson will be the new chairs for Communication.)

General Membership Meetings

We received good reviews and feedback from attendees of our last program “Danger of a Single Story” at the last General Membership Meeting.

Our next general membership meeting will be our food truck event (details below)—we will share our new logo/ branding and engage with members and potential new members via a fun social IN PERSON event.

IMPORTANT: We need to send a message out to the general membership about this change—folks are asking about our next OIC meeting.

OIC Big Read

We have had two book discussions of Caste so far. Both were held via Zoom with Jacquie Housel facilitating the first on June 22 and Jamie Talicska facilitating the second on July 15. More than 20 people have participated in our Big Read events and the discussions have been lively. We have received good reviews via follow-up surveys. We hope the OIC Big Read will continue to grow and get more participants. We wondered why attendance dropped for our 2nd discussion and talked about ways to manage future group discussions to ensure courtesy, respect, etc., are followed in future meetings.

Our next book discussion of Caste will be IN PERSON on Mon, Aug 2, 11:00 a.m. at Flyboys in Oakwood. Jacquie Housel will facilitate the discussion.

Need facilitators and ideas of books for our next OIC Big Read to launch in fall. Suggestions for future books so far include The Righteous Mind (non-fiction book that explores the relationship between politics and religion) and When Stars Are Scattered (graphic novel geared towards young adults but could work for adults, too).

UnDesign the Red Line

Docent tour on Sat, August 14th at 4:00 p.m. at Dayton Metro Library downtown

This is a preview tour for the OIC Board and P&E Committee to determine if we offer this to the OIC as a future program/event

Slots still available. Email me if you are interested.

Next Big Event: Food Truck Rally

Location: Lane Stadium

Tentative Date: Sunday, August 29, 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. (confirming next week)

Working closely with City and Schools regarding timing and placement of trucks/vendors.

P&E Committee members suggest we have activities that educate people about what the OIC is and what we are doing in the community. Perhaps have a suggestion box for people to offer ideas, a large board where people can write their names and/or ideas of ways to be more inclusive, a music event where high school students from around Dayton perform,

We will have assistance (no charge!) from Tae Winston who organizes LARGE food truck events in the Dayton area. Tae Winston is featured on the front page of July 23rd Dayton Daily News. She will be a wonderful asset to the OIC.

Future Programs/Events

We brainstormed ideas for future programs and events the last few minutes of the meeting and here are some of the ideas that came up:

  • Halloween is a good opportunity since so many families come into Oakwood to trick or treat—can we have some sort of OIC event or candy distribution center at the library or some central location.

  • The Moms Group was planning an event to celebrate diversity before COVID and perhaps we can partner with them on this event?

  • OHS students created a video of the Riots in Dayton that we could show and perhaps invite the students back to talk about what they learned from the experience and if it has affected their education/careers since.

  • Story Corp or Story Night event where we invite people from a variety of ethnic groups and countries to share their stories about moving to Dayton and their experiences since moving here. Michele Schoen offered a similar idea of a “check out a person at the library” event where you can interact with people from other cultures who agree to share their stories.

  • Perhaps create a dinner club, or join a dinner club in the greater Dayton area, where people can learn about other cultures over dinner.

Next meetings

Members asked if we can alternate meeting nights for the General Membership Meeting because of work schedules. We think we may attract more people by having differing dates and times for these meetings.

The 7:30 p.m. time seemed to work for most of our P&E Committee members – we will work out a date via a doodle poll.


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