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Minutes: OIC Leadership Team Meeting (June 7, 2021, 11:00 am)

Present: Kristi Hale (chair), Sam Dorf, Judy Cook, Roger Crum, Dan Turben, Healy Jackson, Leigh Ann Fulford, Norbert Klopsch, Madeline Iseli, Kyle Ramey

Excused: Joshua Green, Jeremy Newport

  • Meeting Minutes from 18 May 2021 were Tabled.

  • Treasurer’s Report

    • Tabled

  • Old Business

    • Community Research Discussions (Madeline)

      • A small committee of leadership team members and some other members from the Current Issues Committee will be pulled together to develop a rubric to help evaluate proposals. Their recommendations will be sent to the leadership team who will then determine which proposal to accept.

      • The RFP submitted was unanimously approved by email vote.

      • Dan Turben volunteered to help lead fundraising initiatives including donor development, grant opportunities, Oakwood business community, citizens, etc. (Madeline Iseli and Roger Crum will contribute).

  • Symposium “exploring the impact and legacy of Dayton’s racial segregation and inequality, as well as imagining a more inclusive Dayton community” (Sam)

    • Suggestions include:

      • A roundtable of south suburbs of on the suburban phenomenon in American – past, present and future.

      • Sam will reach out to Centerville, Kettering, West Carrollton, Miamisburg, Bellbrook, and the First Suburbs Coalition.

  • New Business

    • Changes to Establishing Document (Norb)

      • Tabled

    • Quarterly meeting schedule

      • Some have suggested that Wednesday nights may be inconvenient to some key groups and individuals.

      • July meeting will be Thursday, 29 July.

      • There was a discussion about if the next meeting will be virtual or in person. Due to space limit considerations and construction at the Oakwood High School Auditorium, the next meeting will remain virtual.

      • Future meetings will aim to offer some remote access.

  • Committee Reports

    • Programs and Events Committee (Leigh Ann)

      • NCCJ Diversity 101 training will be offered again.

      • OIC Big Read will happen 22 June and 15 July. Summer Youth Big Read is TBD.

      • Seeking more ideas for next general meeting. (i.e. Cultural Humility, The Dayton Book Guys author, celebrating diversity through individualism, Dayton riots on the 1960s documentary, implicit bias and understanding privilege, a fun film to learn about the world, a block party/park meet-up/food truck rally)

        • Ensure we offer a range of activities for the whole community.

    • Current Issues Committee (Madeline)

      • No updates

    • Communications Strategy and Communications Committee (Josh/Kristi)

      • Kristi Hale will reach out to Lucy Baker and another new member who might be able to manage social media. More files will be added to the website as well.

    • Membership Committee (Healy)

      • No updates

  • Leadership Team Reports

    • Chair/Vice Chair (Kristi/Judy)

      • Youth Services Library team is developing new materials.

    • Secretary (Sam)

      • Committees should also take minutes.

    • City Liaison (Norb)

      • No updates

    • School Liaison (Kyle)

    • At Large Member (Dan)

      • Attended the opening of the Gem City Market

    • At Large Member (Roger)

      • No updates

  • Leadership Team Meeting Schedule (in a few weeks with Leigh Ann, Kristi, Judy, Sam, and Norb)

  • Adjourned 12:28pm

Respectfully submitted, Sam Dorf


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