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Minutes: OIC Leadership Team Meeting (July 30, 2021, 11:00 am)

Present: Kristi Hale (Chair), Sam Dorf, Judy Cook, Healy Jackson, Jeremy Newport, Kyle Ramey, Roger Crum, Dan Turben, Joshua Green, Leigh Ann Fulford, Norbert Klopsch

Absent: Madeline Iseli

Guest: Rob Jacques

Meeting was called to order at 11:05 am.

Meeting Minutes approved: July 1, 2021

Treasurer’s Report (Newport)

  • Balance statement is pending from LCNB (expected to be around $3000)

Old Business

  • Community Research Update (Iseli): Tabled

  • Fundraising update (Turben)

    • We have roughly $3000 in accounts. Two grant applications have been submitted (Oakwood Rotary, Fifth/Third). Giving levels were discussed. Park Bank pledged $2000 and an anonymous donor has pledged $2000. Dayton Foundation has pledged another $2500.

    • Turben will set them.

  • Upcoming Community Events (Healy)

    • Ice Cream Social – Aug 22, 4 – 7 PM

    • ACTION ITEM: We need a banner, flyer, and a few volunteers. Jackson will coordinate volunteers. Green will set up the table and cover. Fulford will coordinate banners and flyers.

  • Scarecrow Row

    • Klopsch suggested we reach out to the membership to see if they would develop a project.

  • Dayton Metro’s “Undesign the Redline” exhibit (8/6 – 9/25)

    • Leadership Team will attend on August 14th. Fulford passed out a flyer.

    • Leadership discussed what we may learn from the event.

New Business

  • Black Excellence Week Sponsorship ($500).

    • Not in the budget this year.

  • Longest Table Event (Spring 2022) (Sam)

    • ACTION ITEM: Dorf will pursue further with Carillon (Gwen Buchanan), Edgemont, Rubicon neighborhoods and UD.

  • Open Records Requests:

    • City Attorney, Rob Jacques, updated the Leadership Team on a public records request from a group called MuckRock. Anything sent out or received by public officials can be requested.

Committee Reports

  • Programs and Events Committee (Fulford/Hale)

    • Meeting on 7/22/21

    • Food Truck Rally (29 August 2021)

      • Tae Winston and some members of Leadership Team have met at Lang Stadium to plan event.

      • Event planned for August, 29th 2021 from 4-7. Rain dates in September also secured. 15 food trucks and 30 venders. UD has OK’d use of their parking for the event on August 29th. We may consider spending some money on tables and chairs for rental. Leadership team can help volunteer at the event for setup and cleanup. We may be able to get a free DJ for event as well.

      • Budget Approved unanimously as not to exceed $1000

      • We need to discuss creating and producing promotional materials (i.e. banners, stickers, shirts, magnet, flyers).

      • Event Title: “Share the Taste: An Oakwood Inclusion Coalition and Tae Winston Events Food Truck Rally”

      • ACTION ITEM: Jackson will reach out to Dorf regarding working with Cox Media about promotion and sound.

      • ACTION ITEM: Press Release for Food Truck Rally and Flyer in collaboration with Communications Committee. Feedback from ALL Leadership Team should provide feedback by Friday, 6 August 2021.

      • ACTION ITEM: Get more information regarding how trash will be handled.

  • Communications Committee (Hale/Jackson)

    • Meeting on 7/20/21

    • New Leadership

      • Jackson and Kate Furmanski will co-chair.

    • Flyer/FAQs

      • See Above

    • Branding – UD partnership

      • Website will be updated after next Monday.

      • Leadership will consult with UD Design Team for near future branded materials.

      • ACTION ITEM: Dorf will resend bios for website to Green.

      • ACTION ITEM: Crum will write a short thank you to the UD Design Team for their branding work.

  • Current Issues Committee (Iseli) -- Tabled

  • Membership Committee (Jackson) – We have new members in the business district.

Leadership Team Reports

  • Chair/Vice Chair (Hale/Cook) -- none

  • Secretary (Dorf) -- none

  • City Liaison (Klopsch) – August 29th event will be announced at Council

  • School Liaison (Ramey) –none

  • At Large Member (Turben) – giving levels discussed

  • At Large Member (Crum) – none

Leadership Team Meeting Schedule: Doodle poll will be sent.

Adjourn: 12:45pm

Respectfully submitted, Sam Dorf


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