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Minutes: OIC Leadership Team Meeting (August 2, 2022, 5:00 P.M., Wright Memorial Public Library)

Members Present: Joshua Green, Leigh Ann Fulford (Virtual), Kristi Hale, Jacquie Housel, Madeline Iseli, Healy Jackson (Virtual), Norbert Klopsch, Mike Miller, Kyle Ramey, Dan Turben

Excused: Judy Cook, Roger Crum, Kate Furmanski, Brandy Mariani, and Lisa Wagner

A quorum was declared.

Call to Order - Meeting was called to order at 5:05 P.M.

Approval of July 12, 2022 Meeting Minutes - Mike Miller made a motion, seconded by Dan Turben, to pass the July 12 Meeting Minutes. All in favor, none opposed. Motion carried.

Finance Report (Mariani) - No Report

Norb Klopsch voted to reimburse Green for $751.26 in website expenses pending submission of invoices and receipts. Dan Turben seconded. All in favor, none opposed. Motion carried.

Committee Updates/Discussions

Communications (Jackson) -

  • Updates

    • Committee prepared an announcement to recruit an additional volunteer coordinator. The announcement will be broadcast this week.

    • Membership was notified of the availability of a video recording of the June 29 presentation on humanitarian resettlement in Dayton.

  • Klopsch made a motion, seconded by Green, to accept the revised Communication Protocol. All in favor, none opposed. Motion carried.

  • Green will investigate and correct the problem with website's email forwarding.

Volunteering (Fulford) -

  • All OIC leadership are requested to update Fulford on their volunteer activities and organizations by next meeting. Members shared some information on several groups and upcoming opportunities.

Programs and Events (Miller, Housel) -

  • Plans for a Youth Program are progressing. Kyle Ramey and Mike Miller discussed summer internship opportunity for recent OHS alumni or high school kids. The program would integrate into existing systems in the schools. Oakwood Schools Foundation will be sought as a partner for granting the funds. Interns would be asked to present a public program about their experience. Donor is enthusiastic, and the Committee will present a proposal at the next OIC Leadership Team meeting. Anticipated timeline would be spring 2023 at the earliest.

  • Proposal to sponsor Wright Library exhibit and programs on "Vestiges of Redlining" was submitted to OIC Leadership. Proposal included speaker stipends, advertising, and an OIC-sponsored Open House on 9/6. Several programs are being planned. Leadership discussed at length the planned program on the new partnership between Dayton Police and the Dayton Mediation Center. The program will be prospective and will not be a program about police violence. Josh Green made a motion to approve $800 to sponsor the exhibit and programs. Norb Klopsch seconded. All in favor, none opposed.

  • Food Truck Rally - Fulford will pursue plans for Sunday, October 2, with rain date of October 9.

  • Future Considerations (community events) - OIC does not have a volunteer to attend the Ice Cream Social on 8/14. Future events to consider - Scarecrow Row.

Development (Turben, Iseli) - No report.

Other News -

  • Boy Scouts now offers a merit badge on DEI - Josh Green may seek to involve OIC leadership for merit badges.

Action Items

  • Evaluate current website subscriptions and cancel those not needed; contact WIX to negotiate a lower rate; and submit receipts for reimbursement of expenses for website renewal (Green). CARRIED FORWARD

  • Look into issues with the email address (Green). CARRIED FORWARD

  • Develop a draft of an annual budget (Mariani). CARRIED FORWARD

  • Submit Committee proposals to Mariani for operating budget (Committee Chairpersons). CARRIED FORWARD

  • Send Fulford a list of volunteer involvement (All). CARRIED FORWARD

Parking Lot: Future Meeting Topics

  • Market Research Proposal

  • Report on setting goals for our framework

Adjournment: Green made a motion, seconded by Ramey, to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 6:11 P.M.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, September 6, 2022 - 5:00 P.M. Wright Library Community Room


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