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Minutes: OIC Leadership Team Meeting (April 4, 2022, 5:00 P.M., Wright Memorial Public Library)

Leadership Present: Madeline Iseli, Judy Cook, Norbert Klopsch, Healy Jackson, Dan Turben, Kyle Ramey, Joshua Green, and Roger Crum.

Excused: Leigh Ann Fulford, Kristi Hale, Jeremy Newport, and Kate Furmanski.

Visitors: Jacqueline Housel, Sam Davis, Lisa Wagner, and Mike Miller.

Approval of Meeting Minutes - February 1, 2022 meeting minutes unanimously approved.

Self-Introductions - Leadership Team and Guests

• Guests Jacqueline Housel, Sam Davis, Lisa Wagner, and Mike Miller accepted the invitation to meet the Leadership Team and hear an overview of the 2022 OIC Annual Report.

• Mike Miller, Lisa Wagner, and Jacqueline Housel expressed interest in working with the Program and Events Committee. Mike also has an interest in the Membership Committee.

It is hoped that all the guests will join the leadership team.

Treasurer’s Report - Madeline reported an account balance of $18,000. The search to identify a new treasurer continues.

Items Parked for Future Discussion:

◦ Recap of Annual Meeting

◦ Quorum Issue - Klopsch

◦ Schools Initiatives - Ramey

◦ Common Good in a Divided City - Jackson & Furmanski

◦ Declare Dayton - Clean up Dayton - Furmanski

◦ Food Truck Rally - Events Committee

◦ Collaboration with Levitt Concert Season - Events Committee

◦ Overview of Kettering Survey - Iseli


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