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Minutes: OIC Leadership Meeting (January 14, 2021, 4:00 pm)

Present: Kristi Hale (chair), Judy Cook, Jeremy Newport, Sam Dorf, Healy Jackson, Leigh Ann Fulford, Madeline Iseli, Dan Turben, Norbert Klopsch, Kyle Ramey Excused: Roger Crum

Guests: Joshua Green

New Business

I. Introductions of Committee members

II. Updates

  • Hale: Library has Anti-Racism 101 (one on 26 January and one on 24 February:

  • Newport: Articles of incorporation are ready to be signed. Once incorporated the OIC will file with IRS for 501c3. IRS will issue a determination letter and the OIC will maintain it in its records. Letter will include a tax-payer identification number (EIN). OIC will then be able to open a bank account for the organization; an account will be opened with LCNB in Oakwood.

  • Dorf: Beth Abraham and Wright Library event on 17 January 2021 virtual event on Caste with Hon. Gerald Parker (

  • Jackson (Membership Committee): shared a list of individuals from local organizations who are willing to participate. There are a number of institutions that have yet to indicate a commitment to participate with the OIC. Jackson will follow up. If she is unable to get a hold with these institutions, she will seek help from leadership team.

  • Klopsch: City will be able to transfer $3,753.50 from the city MLK Recognition Fund to the OIC’s bank account once it is established. The OIC needs to ensure that the founding documents remain current and up to date.

  • Ramey: Subgroup of Citizens for a Better Oakwood has been meeting with School leaders. This group has great expertise in diversity, equity and inclusion. Lauren Kawai has been leading the subgroup on schools. Ramey discussed district-wide and building-wide task forces along with county-wide diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Ramey noted that the OIC will want to get students involved in these initiatives as well.

  • Fulford (Programs and Events Committee): Reached out to Kristan Levy and the MoMs Group. Levy is eager to work with the OIC. Fulford would like the OIC to be “member owned” and will work with membership to determine what events and programs should be investigated.

  • Iseli (Current Issues Committee): Dan Turben will serve on the committee. Rebecca Butler will also serve on the committee as well. Iseli will seek more members at the general meeting and will look into ways to improve and develop civic discourse skills. Iseli also asked Roger Crum to serve on the committee. Norb Klopsch volunteered to serve.

  • Turben: Shared some historical reflections and perspectives on race, reminding those present that while the OIC will have a heavy lift, it is doing this work at a very important time.


III. Branding:

  • Matlack Whitaker (University of Dayton) will work on her plan and the OIC hopes to hear back in a week or so.

  • CRUM will serve as point person in communication with Matlack Whitaker’s class.

  • KLOPSCH asked how the OIC will make decisions about the designs.

  • Group recognizes that it needs to vet designs with the OIC’s purpose, aims and mission in mind and then allow general membership to weigh in.

IV. Ground Rules and Code of Conduct

  • Group approved minor changes to document by unanimous consent.


V. Membership Expectations Document

  • Group approved document by unanimous consent

VI. Website

  • (OIC will have domain for a year), WIX was used for to its ease for coordinating events.

  • Website has a “Subscribe Now” function to do mass mailings. There is a “members-only” function that can be turned on if wanted. “News” section has announcements and press. Also has all of the OIC’s establishing documents. Hale will be added as an additional owner of the site as a backup.

    • ACTION ITEM: Everyone should send her/his/their headshot/photo and email address to Joshua Green (

    • ACTION ITEM: Subscribe function should capture NAME, EMAIL, and ADDRESS. Text should read “JOIN NOW.” (Green)

    • ACTION ITEM: Each member should send a 2-3-sentence bio to DORF (

      • Bio should include:

        • How long you have lived in the city (with whom.. i.e. family)

        • Where you came from (home town)

        • Why you are motivated to be part of the leadership team.

VII. First OIC Meeting — 27 January 2021 @ 7 PM (virtual):

  • Press Release: Approved by unanimous consent.

  • Registration: Those interested will use the website’s new registration feature. Should capture NAME, EMAIL and ADDRESS.

  • Responsibilities: Brian Potts at WMPL will serve as producer for the meeting. Josh Green will assist Potts. Each member of leadership team will help facilitate and guide discussions in break out rooms.

  • Agenda: Hale will introduce members of leadership team. It was decided that the OIC should address the diversity of the committee and its hopes and goals as part of the vision.

    • Small Group: OIC’s main goal is to hear what members want. Leadership team members will serve as note takers in the small groups. A regular member will serve as reporter to the group.

    • Hale settled on four main questions for each small group.

      • ACTION ITEM: HALE will send a rough script to members of leadership team.

    • Announcement of next general meeting will be in late April (last Wednesday of the month: 28 April?)

  • Agenda approved by unanimous consent.

VIII. Approving Expenditures:

  • NEWPORT will draft a simple excel template for committees to request purchases.

  • NEWPORT will develop a draft spending and budget.

    • ACTION ITEMS: NEWPORT will develop draft expenditures template and a draft spending policy and budget.

IX. Next Leadership Meeting: February to debrief.

Adjourned: 6:07pm

Respectfully submitted, Sam Dorf, Secretary


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