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Minutes: OIC Leadership Team Meeting (May 18, 2021, 4:00 pm)

Present: Kristi Hale (chair), Sam Dorf, Judy Cook, Healy Jackson, Leigh Ann Fulford, Norbert Klopsch, Jeremy Newport, Madeline Iseli, Kyle Ramey

Excused: Roger Crum, Dan Turben, Joshua Green

Meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Cook made a motion, seconded by Iseli to approve meeting minutes for meetings held on 22 March, 6 April, and 28 April 2021. All in favor, none opposed. Minutes will be posted to OIC Website.

Treasure’s Report:

  • Bank Account Access and Funds Disbursement Protocols. We are very close to getting that setup. Will update at next meeting.

Old Business

  • 28 April Meeting Recap and Plus/Delta

    • Clarify website process of signing up

      • Action Item: HALE will follow up with the website

  • WIX portal email list was not reliable for everyone who attended

  • Some participants felt the breakout sessions were a waste of time. Some leaders may have not followed the protocols for small group discussions. Many had excellent breakout sessions. We may have some additional conversations or training for breakout room leaders. We should ensure that breakouts have introductions first.

  • There was a discussion on terminology in follow-up communications.

  • Fulford will officially thank Michael Carter from OIC.

    • ACTION ITEM: Fulford will send thank you to Carter

  • Attendance was good (82 people).

  • Many people had a negative impression of Oakwood before moving here. All had their expectations shift once they moved to Oakwood. It illustrated the power of “The Single Story.”

Community Research Discussions (Iseli)

  • Current Issues had questions about the process. Iseli is bringing a draft RFP for Community Climate Research. Iseli shared that this kind of data can help guide our organization. The cost for a different RFP from Burgess and Burgess was $15,000.

  • How will we raise the money for the market study? How do we balance the requests and expectations of the community that donates the money for the study? Data will need to be shared.

  • We need to build trust with the firm chosen to ensure the data is collected properly. The relationship between OIC and the firm will be critical going forward.

  • We need to identify outcomes and plans for how we will use the data received.

    • Burgess and Burgess and Mary Taylor were suggested as potential individuals/groups with whom we can share the RFP.

  • Motion “OIC will pursue an RFP for a Community Research Study” (unanimously approved).

    • ACTION ITEM: Hale will reach out to absent members to ensure they agree with the direction as well.

OIC Logo/Branding Campaign (tabled)


New Business

  • Changes to Establishing Document (Norb)

    • Minor wording changes

    • Clarify that the city, schools, and library liaisons may also serve in other capacities on the Leadership Team.

    • Specify that the Leadership Team determines by majority vote the replacement of Leadership Team members when needed.

      • ACTION ITEM: Klopsch will revise to include annual meeting voting rules and redistribute to the group.

    • Eliminate the number limit for committee members.

    • Establish the Communications Committee.

    • Require creation of the following two addenda to the Establishing Document:

      • Addendum A – Communications Protocol

      • Addendum B – Financial Management Protocol

  • Communications Committee Meeting to be scheduled

    • ACTION ITEM: Hale will ask for the committee to convene.

  • Future Events

    • Need to start planning MLK and Summer events for Summer sos21 and Winter and Summer of 2022.

  • Quarterly meeting schedule (Kristi)

    • Tabled

Committee Reports: Tabled

Leadership Team Reports: Tabled

Leadership Team Meeting Schedule: Fulford will send some updates via email.

Adjourned at 5:02PM

Respectfully submitted, Sam Dorf


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